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Mission Statement

The Israel Research Fellowship (IRF) was established to build a global community of outstanding young leaders and influential opinion makers. It supports exceptional post-graduates and outstanding college graduates from around the world in a year-long Israel-based fellowship, where Fellows are placed in a governmental, non-governmental, think-tank or media setting. Mentored by senior executives in their placements and informed by specially designed conferences, Israel Research Fellows, with their comprehensive knowledge of historical and intellectual trends, serve as articulate spokespeople for Israel.

The IRF is a pro-Israel, apolitical, non-partisan enterprise that aims to serve in the best interests of the State of Israel.

Our Philosophy

The IRF seeks to identify and support - both financially and professionally - the best, brightest, and most passionate young leaders interested in a career in government, international relations, public policy, human rights, Middle East policy, politics, and the media. The IRF assists these young professionals in developing their professional skills in order to maximize their future impact. One of the goals of the fellowship is to create an active network of Fellows, past and present, who will continue to benefit from the fellowship for years to come.

Conferences, mentoring, and provocative and stimulating lectures are all essential elements of the broader education provided to Israel Research Fellows. Exposure to the best practices and wisdom of seasoned organizational and political leaders help inform the Fellows and guide them in their decision making for their entire professional careers.

The IRF also encourages the Fellows to write and publish on the issues relevant to their placements and areas of expertise. The Fellows participate in writing-skills workshops early in the fellowship year, enabling them to maximize their writing potential when they publish throughout the year and in the future.

The Israel Research Fellowship replaces the Legacy Heritage Fellowship Program (LHF) and aims to continue the great work done by LHF and to maintain its excellent reputation and standing.


The IRF is a project of Research and Evaluation = Promoting Organizational Responsibility and Transparency, Inc. (REPORT). Its mission is to educate about and advance civic responsibility through systematic research and analysis of the activities and transparency of governments and non-governmental organizations, their funders, and associated frameworks.

REPORT is a US-based charitable organization with 501(c)3 status in the United States.

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For U.S. tax-deductible contributions, you may donate to the IRF either via the REPORT website or click here. Please be sure to fill in the "Designation" section with "Israel Research Fellowship" so that the donation will be attributed to the IRF. Thank you!

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