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Placement and Mentoring

The placement of the Fellow forms the central part of the Fellowship. The Fellows work full-time in their respective placement agencies, and receive substantial levels of responsibility within the organizations or agencies where they are placed. Our Fellows are not mere interns.

The Fellowship runs from the beginning of September to the end of the next August. All Fellows will be placed somewhere.

The Fellows are never alone. Each Fellow is assigned an appropriate mentor within their placement to closely assist and guide the Fellow throughout the year. In addition, complementing the guidance provided through the placement, the IRF personnel maintain an on-going relationship with each Fellow, offering assistance all year long.

The Placement Process
Once the Fellows have been chosen for the year, we begin the process of matching Fellows with placement organizations or agencies. This process is complex and involves the Fellows, the IRF team and the host organizations. The process varies depending on the organization/agency; some require several interviews to find the best suited fellow.

Please note that some of the placement agencies require an in-person interview here in Israel. As such, Fellows are required to be in Israel by - at the latest - the middle of August. Should the Fellow be interviewing for a government position, then s/he must be in Israel by the end of June.

See 'Placement Agencies' for a list of where Fellows have been placed in the past.

Skills and Training

Skills training forms a key part of the fellowship program. Each Fellow is required to prepare for and participate in a number of academic and skills seminars during the year, including opportunities to present his/her work and progress while providing feedback on their colleagues' work.

The Fellows are required to submit two articles or letters for publication, with an "Israel Research Fellow" byline, on issues relating to Israel and/or the Middle East, or undertake two activities that have been authorized by the coordinator of the fellowship program.

For a more comprehensive overview of the training aspect of the fellowship, see 'Fellowship Education.'

Post-Fellowship and Alumni

The Fellowship maintains a dynamic and interactive network of alumni. Indeed a primary focus of the IRF is to continue to foster the strong and important link between past and current Fellows, in order to ensure continuity and the maintenance of an effective research network.

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